Great Bonuses at Aliante Casino

For those that love gaming and bonuses, then you are in for a real treat at Aliante Casino in Las Vegas. They have a large variety of different types of bonuses that will give you the opportunity to choose which ones fit your gambling heart.

In July, you still have a chance to win a car during the weekend bonuses. They also offer $15,000 free slot play weekends with the last drawing on July 23rd. Starting right now and not ending until August 28 the bonus is $300,000 Summer Car and Freeplay giveaways. The Summer Sizzle started on June 26 and will not end until July 29th which is their bonus for table game drawings. Fighter Jets and Freedom Kiosk Game will be held on Sunday's through Thursdays during July 3rd through the 31st.

Another one of their bonuses for members is what is known as the July Multipliers which will allow you to win 5X on video poker or 10X on all reels but only on Wednesdays. With Paycheck Pay Day you can easily win up to $500 in free slot play as long as you cash your paycheck at the casino, that is when the fun begins because all you have to do is then swipe is your player's card to win prizes like free drinks or the jackpot of $500.

However, the best way to win bonuses is to, of course, sign up as a member and receive their members card. Every game you play from table games to slots, you are earning points that will allow you to purchase items or even work your way up to spending free nights at the hotel. Using your card gives you the advantage over the players that do not choose to join as every card game you play or spin of the reel you will be receiving points that can aid in getting you more items than you can imagine.

Aliante Casino:
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